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man The UN food standards body Codex Alimentarius has agreed on new standards to protect the health of consumers worldwide. These include standards on fruit, vegetables, fish and fishery products and animal feed.

Codex also adopted codes on the prevention and reduction of ochratoxin A, a carcinogenic contaminant, in cocoa, guidance on how to avoid microbiological contamination of berries and on use of claims for food that is labeled "non-addition of sodium salts" including "no added salt" on food packages, to assist consumers in choosing a healthy diet.

carResearchers claim that consuming 5 A Day will add up to three extra years to a person's lifespan.

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm studied more than 70,000 middle-aged men and women. They found that early deaths, mostly from heart disease, were more common among non-vegetable eaters who had an average life span of 34 months shorter than that of vegetable-eaters. The adults who took part in the 13-year project were aged between 45 and 83.

pineA study conducted by a University of Queensland researcher has provided new insights into the genetic and health properties of pineapples, the Fresh Fruit Portal reports.

The research by Dr Jonni Koia, which was published in the scientific journals BMC Plant Biology and Plant Molecular Biology, identified genes in processes including ripening,  redox activity and organic acid metabolis.  “In addition, my research also identified genes conferring nutritional and health benefits, such as those involved in anti-oxidant, glutathione and vitamin C production,” Koia stated in a media release.