Improving Safety and Quality

of the Sri Lankan fruits and vegetables

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watermelonWatermelon is a very palatable fruit, but also very healthy and interesting for the prevention of potentially lethal diseases, and in recent years, there has been a huge increase in its demand. Source - Source: Publication Date - 14/10/2016


Kiwi's are the kings of vitamin C. They are often bought for small children, pregnant women or the elderly, and everyone has the habit of buying those fruits that are firm, because they can be preserved longer. Source: Publication Date - 14/10/2016

mango2In Kenya, small-scale farmers grow thousands of tonnes of mangoes annually, but they are not profiting from the tropical fruits as an overwhelming fruit fly problem means yields are erratic and up to 60% is wasted, making formal contracts next to impossible. Source - Publication Date - 14/10/2016

chinesesupIn September, producer prices in China unexpectedly rose for the first time in nearly five years, thanks to higher commodity prices. According to Reuters, this is welcome news for the government as it struggles to whittle down a growing mountain of corporate debt. Official inflation data on Friday 14 October also showed a pickup in consumer prices, helping to ease investors' concerns about the health of the world's second-largest economy after disappointing trade numbers on Thursday rattled global markets. Source - Publication Date - 14/10/2016

PeperoniStock01On Thursday 13 October, Indian agriculture association, Hindustan Agro Co-op. Ltd., and United Innovation Corp of Russia, signed an agreement on the creation of a network of irradiation centres for food products in India.  Source - Publication Date - 14/10/2016

diaphorinaTaiwan has resumed its technical cooperation program with Panama, interrupted in 2012, allocating one million dollars for the prevention of the HLB disease, a pest in Central America which has decimated the citrus production and was detected in February in the Panama province of Bocas del Toro. Source - Publication Date - 14/10/2016