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PeperoniStock01A startup, based out of California, has developed a new organic and invisible film which they claim could increase the shelf life of produce by up to five times. Source: Date - 19/12/2016

freshcuttConsumer spending for the holidays is up an estimated 10 percent this year. But amid plenty, hunger remains, particularly in Ohio. “One of the biggest misperceptions I’ve seen about hunger in Ohio is that people think it occurs only in very poor households,” said Pat Bebo, director of Community Nutrition programs for Ohio State University Extension. Source - Ohio State University Publication Date - 19/12/2016

pineapple1A genetically engineered pink pineapple has been tested to be safe to sell in the United States by the FDA. The new pineapple was developed by Del Monte Fresh who hope to market it soon around the world. To make the new product, engineers toned down certain genes giving the fruit's flesh a pinker color and a sweeter taste. Source - Publication Date - 19/12/2016

AvocARADThe market for avocados, around the world, continues to increase, bringing a lot of new opportunities for avocado producing countries. Avocado demand has exploded worldwide, largely due to the fruit's much publicised health benefits. Source - Publication Date - 19/12/2016

CitrusThe European Parliament yesterday approved the resolution calling for stricter control measures for citrus imports from outside the EU. This is aimed at protecting European producers and preventing the spread of diseases and pests such as African codling moth and Citrus Black Spot (CBS). Source - Publication Date - 19/12/2016

pineapple24Pineapple production in Goa is growing year by year. Not only is the yield rising in the last few years but also the area under cultivation.The pineapple yield in the state in 2012-13 had been 4800 tonne while the estimated area under pineapple cultivation was 289 hectares, sources in the agricultural department said. Source - Publication Date - 19/12/2016