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of the Sri Lankan fruits and vegetables

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Interest in convenience and fresh cut items is booming in Germany. More and more retailers are adding ready-to-eat fresh produce to their product range, offering their customers an abundant selection of easy-to-use and attractively packaged food. Last Updated on 14/02/2019 Source - FreshPlaza

Nowadays, many people want to forego the stress of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, opting for ordering food online. This development goes hand in hand with the steady growth of the convenience sector in Germany.  Last updated on 14/02/2019 : Source - Freshplazamirontell7

The chayote squash – also known as chocho, mirliton, Buddha’s hand melon or laplap – is a Latin American gourd that, during the Columbian exchange, spread across the Caribbean into the present-day American south, the Philippines and throughout Asia. Last Updated on 14/02/2019 : Source - The Guardian4256

organicvegsPrices are rising, vegetables are being seized and dumped, and traders are planning to move the High Court as  Source - Publication Date - 25/04/2018

chilliesHow can the data and information exchange be standardized to make the fruit and vegetable industry more competitive?  Source - SanLucarFruit : Publication Date - 25/04/2018

bananas02After India’s successes in the milk sector, is it now possible to set up a cost-effective value chain for fruits and vegetables?  Source - Publication Date - 25/04/2018