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of the Sri Lankan fruits and vegetables

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organicvegsPrices are rising, vegetables are being seized and dumped, and traders are planning to move the High Court as  Source - Publication Date - 25/04/2018

chilliesHow can the data and information exchange be standardized to make the fruit and vegetable industry more competitive?  Source - SanLucarFruit : Publication Date - 25/04/2018

bananas02After India’s successes in the milk sector, is it now possible to set up a cost-effective value chain for fruits and vegetables?  Source - Publication Date - 25/04/2018

carrotsWith a new extra-organic label, a group of Vermont growers want to distinguish their organic production from the USDA certified organic production, i.e. hydroponically grown produce. Source -  : Publication Date - 14/04/2018

chrrytomatoes"The cherry tomato has become very popular in recent years. Compared with other ordinary tomatoes, it is more expensive, and it tastes like a crunchy and sweet fruit. Source - Beijing Guanshu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. : Publication Date - 14/04/2018

CommercialFruits12018Commercial Fruits Twenty years ago, the French company Commercial Fruits was the first to import the Peruvian avocado into Europe. Today there are 100 European importers. Source - : Publication Date - 13/04/2018